The STNR is most evident just prior to crawling when the baby rocks forwards and backwards when on all fours.    The reflex emerges in 2 parts; a flexion component at 6-9 months and an extension component at 9-11 months.  The STNR should be integrated by 12 months of age.  During the execution of the STNR the eyes have to make adjustments between near and far vision.

Malfunctioning STNR symptoms may include:

  • A child crawling later than normal
  • Poor hand-eye co-ordination
  • Tendency to slump at a desk
  • Simian gait (ape-like gait)
  • Difficulties with far–near vision
  • Slowness at copying from the blackboard
  • Poor organizational and planning skills
  • Tendency to be long sighted